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If you like music, you may know lots of programs to listen to streaming music.

Unfortunately, many of them are changing their way and now you have to pay to enjoy music. That's the reason why you may download Freemake Music Box, because t's still free.

It's very easy to use, in fact you can only search for artist, track or album. Then, view the list of results and click the one you want to listen to.

When you are listening to music, the only possibility offered by the program is to set the volume up or down and enable or disable the youtube video that will be played below the playlist.

Simple but effective. If you want a program to listen to music for free, this is your choice, but if you are looking for further options and settings, you may continue your search.

Freemake Music Box is free, legal and counts with an immense music database. Do you need anything else?
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